Olympic Inspiration

For those who know me, I have a close connection to the Figure Skating events at the Olympics in Korea.  I competed then skated professionally back in the '70's, I taught figure skating and power skating for about 20 years.  My brother Brian Orser is the coach of 5 athletes from 5 countries competing in the mens and ladies events in Korea.  This is the 3rd consecutive Olympic games that Brian has attended with his students.  In 2010 Brians student Una Kim from S.Korea, won GOLD in the ladies event! in 2014 Brians student Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan, won GOLD in the mens event. Brians other student Javier Fernandez from Spain finished fourth because he did too much (a second quadruple salchow)  and was penalized for that, with a minor change would have been 2nd.  This year, 2018, the first GOLD  medal for Brian was via his student Gabby Daleman from CANADA whom Brian co-coaches with Lee Barkell in the Team Event! The second GOLD medal was won by his student Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan in the mens event, Javier Fernandez won BRONZE this time (again the salchow caused grief and robbed him of a silver medal). Brian's 16 year old student Jun Cha from S Korea placed 15th which is a very nice place for such a young man at his first Olympics.  Tomorrow the woman skate their Short Program.  Once again watch for Gabby Daleman from Canada (Gabby has a good chance to be on the podium). Brian also coaches Elizabet Tursynbayeva or Kazakhstan who should crack the top 15 despite being just 16 and competing at her first Olympics.  So now you know why I often have Figure Skating themed greeting cards on display. Brian draws heavily on his own experiences having won a world championship and 2 Olympic Silver medals. I am extremely proud of my brother and his students. 

Marykay MELNYK