I'm baaaaack

Hello everyone and welcome to 2018!  My husband and I just returned from a month long break from the studio and we are ready and excited to get back to work.  While we were off we visited Europe, I absolutely love all the history.  Our youngest son was able to join us there over the Christmas break and our eldest son will join us on a holiday next year.

I will admit that even though we took a break, I was sketching new designs for cards in a notebook I brought along just for that reason.  The goal is to have about 100-150 NEW designs for the market season.

Other than a custom card order, my first project is a wedding album for a very special couple.  I actually did an album (ordered by the groom) that was used to ask his lovely girlfriend to be his wife.  I was so touched when I got the order.  Thankfully they were happy with the album and have ordered another to commemorate their wedding day.  The photo's are lovely and after about 40 hours of selecting, cropping, and editing I am just about ready to start the layout.  The process usually takes about 80 hours once the photo's are printed.  I will ask the couples permission to share bits and pieces AFTER they have received the album.

Marykay MELNYK